TOPTREE | Why Use Crane Safety Lights?


Why use crane safety light ?

Frequent accidents and mortality


Do you know that human errors caused by crane operators or pedestrians are responsible for 90% of crane accidents?


Crane-Related Deaths in Construction by Year, 1992-2006*

In a sample survey of 400 crane accidents in OSHA, 71 people died each year, and BLS data also showed that the risk of death for every 1,000 workers in a 45-year working life was more than one (1.4). Because crane activities usually occur in urban areas, unsafe equipment and operation will not only bring risks to workers, but also to the public. OSHA 29 CFR 1910.179 requires the use of warning lights for any cab-operated overhead crane.

What benefits can security overhead crane warning lights bring us?

1. Visual Warning -The red and blue colors of crane safety light are more striking and clear than traditional sound reminders, avoiding the danger of inaudible alarm sounds in noisy environments.

2. Reduce noise pollution -Reduce the high-intensity noise interference of construction team

3. Reducing Pedestrian Accidents-Passing pedestrians are clearly aware of the mobile load

4. Reducing accidents among workers -When workers move materials, they can see the crane safety light warning lines on the ground to know the location and danger degree of the load.

5. Pinpoint -Crane safety light lights can help operators locate the crane accurately. Operators can ensure that the car is in the middle of the load without distracting themselves.

6. Convenient operation-Loading and unloading workers can see the line frame on the ground to facilitate loading and unloading information.

7. Easy installation-It can be installed directly and can adjust any angle you want by adjusting the bracket.

Please let crane safety warning light to ensure your safety.

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