TOPTREE | Safety Tips for Overhead Crane Operation


Countless companies in the manufacturing and construction industries rely on overhead cranes to lift and transport materials. When installed and used properly, these systems make operations easier and safer. But, overhead crane accidents cause severe injuries and fatalities every year. Preventing these disasters requires workers to recognize certain hazards that occur during operation and follow safety procedures to avoid them.

There are multiple hazards that can arise regarding cranes in general. Many accidents involve large lift systems like tower cranes and mobile cranes. But hazards do exist with all types of cranes—including overhead cranes—and in all facets of crane operation.

Handling an overhead crane is quite an important job. This is why to save time and money, the overhead crane operator must be very careful in its use.

Here are some safety tips for your overhead crane safety.

1. Maintenance is important: make a crane inspection every time

Make sure that your hoist works fine. Its mandatory before using it, but if you are not currently using it, check it too. It will save you time and will make everyone safer.

2. Check that the crane hook has no obstacles

It may seem obvious, but your load will go through the air above your head. It is very important than no obstacle comes between it and the end of the runway.

3. The overhead crane operator and the rest of the employees must be aware

You are going to use the overhead crane, so make sure everybody in the workplace knows about it. Remember: the load moves above everyone’s head, so sometimes you don’t see it unless you look up.

4. Quick overhead crane safety tips while using it

Do not get distracted by anything

Do not swing the load

Do not move your load with coworkers around the area

Do not move any loads over people

5. Remember your overhead crane limits

The weight limit in the handling systems are there for a reason: safety. So do not push the limits and move the load limit that your overhead crane has.

6. Test your lifting equipment

At Airpes we know how important it is to check out your equipment. Testing is a safe way to push you lifting equipment and find out how it performs in any type of situation. Remember to test your overhead crane for your safety.



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