Industrial Virtual Sign Lights - TOPTREE


The Virtual Sign Lights are the ideal way to display bright floor and wall safety signs in locations where there is high traffic, potential for a hazard, or uneven floors. The Virtual Light safety sign light works well in almost all lighting conditions and is easy to mount and adjust. A large variety of safety signage, from STOP signs to hazard zone are available and any custom image can be projected from these projectors. Image projection lens are easily interchangeable on-site. Toptree safety sign light can be used for many different application like the forklift, cranes, heavy duty matchine, and more you can found.

Key Features:

1. High-contrast image projection

2. Powerful close-range and long-range projection

3. Up to 30,000 lumens output

4. Interchangeable image lenses

5. ‘Smart Triggered Projection’ using activity sensors

6. Rugged IP65-rated housing

7. Minimal maintenance – low total cost of ownership



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