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The Benefits of Projected Safety Signage

Switching from traditional printed or painted signage has a huge range of benefits for your business, your employees, the environment and of course, a load of financial benefits too. When you make the switch, you’re saving yourself a lot of time, resource and cash by having a permanent solution in place that can be easily adapted as your business grows, changes or even relocates!

Keep costs down

The LEDs used in our projectors have a lifespan of several years of continuous operation, with no reduction in clarity or brightness. This means that you can use the same projector and signage over many years with no need to update these unless you wish to change the way your signage looks.

Should you wish to change elements of your signage this is so simple to do, you simply need to replace your gobos (projection inserts used to project the image) with a new design and set these back in place in your projector - a simple process that can take just minutes to do. Need bigger signage for further clarity? That’s no problem either, with no extra costs involved in resizing your existing gobos.

Alleviate business downtime

To install your projectors and gobos, the downtime within your business is almost non-existent. Simply plan where you need your signage to be displayed and then set the projectors in place, add your gobos and your good to go. What’s more, should you ever need to remap the layout of your business, warehouse or factory, you don’t need to repaint all the floors to restructure work flow. You can simply move your projectors, or change the gobos in existing ones, to demonstrate new routes around your facility to your employees to follow.

There is no need to replace your signage with other repair works, such as concrete repairs, as the projected images will simply lay over the top of any new foundations. There is of course no drying time involved that you would experience with painted floor markings, meaning that your employees are good to go back to work from the second the projector is installed.

Simple and attractive aesthetic maintenance

Another benefit of projected signage is simply the way it looks. It appears far more professional than painted markings and wall mounted signs, with a more technical feel to it that provides all the benefits of what appears to be an expensive solution but is actually a far more cost effective one.

Better still, changing the look of your signage has never been easier, simply take out your old gobos and replace with fresh new ones. This allows for a complete overhaul of your business’s design in a matter of minutes.

Once you have your projectors installed, there is minimal maintenance and upkeep, with no fading of your floor markings with footfall, no dirt clinging to paint or printed signs and no visible damages. Your workplace will look pristine at all times, without the need to constantly replace and update over time.

Improve operations

Projected signage can improve your overall operations as it can provide far more detail than traditional printed or painted signs. You can add elements in, or take them away in a matter of seconds to represent new regulations, laws or policies within your business.

Our projected signage is far more visible in low light than printed or painted signage can be, meaning greater clarity is offered to your employees which enhances safety in the workplace, meaning there is potential for any accidents to reduce significantly following installation.

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