TOPTREE | VirtualStripe Red Green Laser Line Generator


VirtualStripe Laser Line Generator creates durable floor lines in your warehouse. They eliminate the need for the continual maintenance required when using floor tape and paint. They produce a thin red&green line that is clearly visible in bright conditions and completely eye-safe. Use along walkways and lanes, or combine with virtual signs for a specific display.

In addtional, VirtualStripe Laser Line Generator also can be mounted overhead crane in a manufacturing or warehouse facility, it can effectively draw lines on the floor to create pedestrian walkways or designate areas that are off limits to pedestrian or forklift traffic. Or it also creat a safe zones on the ground around the lifting hook, to provide a brightly moving safety barrier.

VirtualStripe Laser Line Generator creates the line of light that brings a docking truck into safe harbor.

In fact, new Industrial application of our system of Laser Line projection are constantly being suggested and evaluated. We also look forward to unlocking more application scenarios with customers in near future.

If you are interested in this product, and have more questions, pls freely contact our sales team, and we’d like to get back to you soon.



205*139.5*84mm (not inluding mounting brackets)


Green: 400mW/Red: 1200mW


85-305VAC (American Standard Three-Pin Plug)

Storage Temperature


Operating Case Temperature



Green: 520nm/Red: 638nm


U-shaped lifting bracket 120° adjustable + universal brackets up & down 180°, left & right 180° + safety lifting ring




Aluminum alloy AL6063 with powder coating

Waterproof Rate



1, The light brightness is adjustable

2, The length of the beam is adjustable: the actual length of the beam under different working sites can be adjusted through the baffle

3, There are two installation methods: U-shaped lifting bracket installation (or with additional universal bracket) and lifting ring installation, which can adapt to different working sites.

Why It’s Worth Choosing VirtualStripe Laser Line?


Vivid, damage-proof virtual lines for all surfaces.

Laser floor marking lines are completely impervious to damage by forklifts, foot traffic, pallets, water and other common causes for tapes and painted lines to fail.

Eliminate the need to replace floor tapes or repaint lines.

Even the toughest floor tapes and paints can fail in areas with heavy forklift and truck traffic, or in areas subjected to industrial hazards. Using projected lines prevents these issues from damaging your lines.

industrial laser floor marking



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