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Introducing a new cutting-edge solution for crane safety and precision. The LED crane lights we offer use state-of-the-art LED technology to reduce accidents, protect workers, and increase precision for crane operators.

Types of Crane Lights

Overhead Crane Lights

The area around overhead cranes is extremely hazardous. This is due to the nature of cranes transporting heavy materials from heights. In fact, OSHA has specific requirements regarding overhead and gantry cranes. Our LED overhead crane lights are specifically designed to provide clearly visible warnings around overhead cranes, which ensures safety throughout the work area and minimizes workplace accidents.

crane red spotlight

Spotlight System

One of the options in our crane lighting solutions uses a spot light system to increase employee safety around crane loading zones. These spot lights offer intense illumination capabilities which gives them the greatest range from the ground. This lighting intensity also makes them the ideal solution for getting the attention of those occupying crowded workplace areas. In addition to their primary role as spotlights, they can also be adapted with a lens cover to be used as linear lights for illuminating zoned areas.

overhead crane red zone line

Crane Positioning Lights

Positioning lights on cranes are used to illuminate zones around loading areas. These high precision lights not only inform employees about a moving load but they also help crane operators position the crane with increased precision. This increase in precision and situational awareness helps to improve efficiency and reduce workplace accidents.

crane indicator light

Red Safety Lights

Red LED safety lights project a bright red-colored beam of light to give workers and pedestrians clear visual warning. Red is a highly visible color that’s often used to signal potential danger. Our products allow construction equipment such as cranes to project these red visual warnings which is more effective than sound alarm systems.

crane safety warning lights

Blue Safety Lights

Blue LED safety lights project a bright blue-colored beam of light to provide warning around crane loading areas and other hazardous environments. Blue LED lights are used in conjunction with red colored lights to ensure visibility across all environments. Using both red and blue safety lights also alleviates problems associated with individuals who may have color blindness to either red or blue.

blue crane lights

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are crane lights?

Crane lights refer to lighting fixtures which are attached to cranes. These lights are used for general illumination as well as to provide warning around areas where the crane is carrying a heavy load. These lights may also be used to assist crane operators with positioning.

Q. What type of lights are used on cranes?

Cranes require specialized lighting fixtures that can project the necessary amount of illumination from high areas all the way to to ground level. This illumination is required both for the operator to precisely position the load as well as safety for people around the working area. The exact kind of light used will depend on the type of crane; however, one common lighting fixture for many cranes are LED floodlights. Another more modern type of lighting are blue and red LEDs which project highly visible beams of light onto desired areas.

Q. What are overhead cranes?

An overhead crane is a crane that operates in industrial environments such as a construction area or warehouse. Overhead cranes are also referred to as bridge cranes and contain parallel runways that have a traveling bridge across the gap. These cranes are commonly used for manufacturing or maintenance.

Q. What are safety lights?

Safety lights are a generic term for any type of lighting that helps promote safety for users and those around the source of illumination. For the purposes of crane safety, these lights are used to provide a visible warning signal to prevent accidents.

Q. Why use LED Lighting?

LED lighting is very useful for industrial applications such as crane safety. This is a useful source of illumination for many reasons. First, LEDs are more environmentally friendly than traditional lighting options. Secondly, LEDs are highly energy-efficient and require little to no maintenance cost. Finally, with the right products, LEDs are highly durable even through harsh or hazardous conditions.



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