TOPTREE | Virtual Laser Floor Markers Go Where Tape Can't


The age of a virtual warehouse is here. Or, at least a warehouse marked for safety and organization with virtual lights.

What are Virtual Lines?

TOPTREE is now offering Gobo projectors and LED Laser line projectors. These products create virtual floor marking images and virtual lines in your facility. And, these easy-to-install virtual signs and line projectors are the perfect solution for areas where traditional floor marking doesn’t work. Sometimes, even the most-durable Superior Floor Tape can’t survive the heavy equipment traffic or it’s a tricky place to get in to to apply tape.

Here are some ways you can use a virtual line or image projector:

1. Project a floor sign to inform/remind employees about potential hazards like forklift traffic, restricted area or the need to use PPE.

2. Increase safety by creating a crosswalk in an area with a mix of heavy pedestrian traffic and mobile equipment.

3. Createt lines for walking paths in a variety of colors.

4. Use to project a logo or message to customers in a retail environment, gymnasium or restaurant. Can be temporary, as in for a limited campaign.

Marking your facility with these virtual line/sign options provide a bright, easy-to-see message exactly where you need it. Also, when you no longer need the message to appear, simply turn the projector off or change to a different image.

How to Use These Light Projectors and Lasers?

Using state-of-the-art Gobo projectors is simple. A Gobo projector is best for displaying images. We can offer a standard safety floor sign message or help you create a custom message that fits your needs. An LED or Laser projector is best to display a long, solid line.

You can view Gobos, LED laser line projector products here. Or contact us, we will help you find the product best for your needs.

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