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Combining heavy machinery and pedestrians in warehouses is often a recipe for disaster. That’s why, year after year, we focus on finding new ways to improve safety in the workplace for both man and machine. We present you: forklift safety projection warning lights. These highly customisable forklift safety lights make it easy to avoid collisions. Safety lights are a simple and practical way to make safer for everyone.


As the name suggests, these lights project visual warnings around forklifts (or other machines such as cleaning equipment) that provide information for people working nearby. The projected lights improve safety by letting people know which direction the machine is travelling in. They are also used to create a safety zone around a machine that makes it easy for pedestrians to avoid coming too close. A visual warning stands out better in noisy environments, so there’s no need to worry about important warnings being swallowed up by ambient noise—something that can easily happen with sound-based systems.


These forklift safety lights come in various models with different shapes that are projected





Spots are commonly used in warehouses, although arrows are gaining popularity thanks to their additional function: they easily communicate the direction the machine is travelling in. Arc lights are mounted on the rear of the machine and visually highlight the safety zone at the back of the machine with an illuminated arc.

Lights that mount onto the side of the machine are an important part of a complete safety system. These project a line alongside the machine. When side-mounted forklift safety lights are combined with lights on the front and back of the machine, they create a full safety zone. People can easily see how far away from the machine they need to be to remain out of harm’s way.


The most common colours chosen by users of projection warning lights are red and blue. Why? Red lights are automatically associated with danger and encourage people to respond with attention and vigilance. And blue lights have the best visibility on concrete surfaces, making them easy to see in a warehouse environment. These forklift safety lights are also available in other colours, such as green. The choice of colour totally depends on the user’s wishes, rather than on any specific standards. It’s a safety system that’s completely customisable to the needs of each individual user and workplace



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