TOPTREE | Why Should You Use A Virtual Sign Projector?


The accidents always happen because a bad traffic in warehouse. How to keep a good traffic in warehouse? Most people usually use safety signage to guide the traffic. But it is not enough. Virtual projector sign is a better option.

Safety signage is usually used in Industrial production floors and warehouses, including floor marking tape, paint, and adhesive safety labels.

But there are some problems:

1. These static signs are easily obscured an worn out.

2. The signs require regular touch up and maintenance frequently.It will cost more time and more money.

3. This poses the potential for serious injury to workers if safety signage is not prominently displayed.

led safety signage projectors

Why not use virtual sign projector instead.The advantages are:

1. Projected signs attract more attention because they are active with high-contrast images.

2. Smart triggered projection will be activated when people are in the area.

3. Virtual signs are incredibly durable. No need constantly replacing old signage.will save a lot of time and money.

4. A Virtual Sign has a longer lifetime than other forms of signage.

5. It is more cost-effective and reliable. .

6. Virtual signage only requires a projector and an imaging lens to project the desired image.

7. Your workplace will look better and be safer.

8. Projectors for virtual signs are mounted above the floor.other things can not damage or destroy them easily.

9. It is highly visible because of projections.

10. Projected virtual signage is easily interchangeable than normal signage.imaging lens can be easily changed in 2-3 minutes.



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