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Accidents involving cranes are catastrophic. According to the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI), there were 297 crane-related deaths between the years of 2011 to 2017. Most fatal crane accidents involve overhead and gantry cranes, which are inherently dangerous due to their size and the heavy loads they move. Despite this risk, most of these accidents are now entirely preventable thanks to modern warning signal technology.

One of the biggest risks of any crane operation is falling loads or loads being lowered while personnel are in the way. Previously, this risk was managed through communication between the crane operator and ground crews. This however was not a fool-proof system, and one instance of forgetfulness and lack of communication could have tragic results.

Recognizing the need to close this serious gap in crane safety, certain LED lighting manufacturers Straits have developed state of the art LED crane safety and warning lights. These lights provide specific warning and indicator lighting to show the danger zone surrounding the load as well as the crane trolley head itself. This ensures that personnel on the ground are cognizant of where cranes are operating and aware of the danger overhead loads. Ultimately, this means reduced liability for companies and a stronger assurance that workers will come home safe and sound to their families every day.

Types Of LED Crane Lights

led crane safety lights

There are a number of different types and styles of LED crane lights depending on the crane configuration and size. The most popular are linear and spotlight style lights, which illuminate a clear danger zone surrounding the crane head and its load. Linear lights produce a narrow linear beam to create a clearly defined line on the ground where cranes are operating, and are the number one choice for precision work. Spot lights are a solid choice for illuminating from higher cranes where having enough power to effectively illuminate the safety zone around the crane head is the most important goal.

These safety lights provide a new cutting-edge solution for safety around overhead and gantry cranes as well as other cranes that use a hoist to carry loads. Additionally, these lights are designed for industrial environments and are constructed of highly durable, premium quality materials in order to ensure a long service life. This reliability is key for employees who depend upon the lights as part of their overall workplace safety measures.



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