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Virtual Line walkways, crosswalks are most essential in dynamic environments. Due to high-performance working situations, heavy machinery and tools operate continuously. So, it's essential for pedestrian safety that visible walkways, paths, or alleys be constructed to allow a safe environment for workers within the facility.

Several options for how to create virtual lines are available to design the portable walkways in the designated areas such as Virtua Line Laser Projectors. To support both safety and productivity, the industrial space like a warehouse or manufacturing plant must be well equipped with mark walkways and storage areas. Virtual lines don't fade or wear off over time as it provides the most reliable climate for workers who face forklifts, hard hat zones, and other potential hazards.


● Highly Durable

● Cost-Effective

● Ultra Visible

Virtual Laser Line provide a permanent floor line that is marked uniquely. The laser floor marking method is lightweight, flexible yet IP65+ rated durable units, is easy to set up, and requires little virtual laser linelaser walkways



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