TOPTREE | Projected Safety Signs - More Durable and Cost-effective


Industrial production floors and warehouses often use tape, paint, and adhesive safety labels for safety signage. However, these static signs can easily be obscured by machinery or wear over time. This poses the potential for serious injury to workers, if safety signage is not prominently displayed.

High output LED projectors for bright vivid virtual signs that are easy to read. Our virtual floor signange enhances workplace safety, is easy to install and durable with almost no maintenance. Projected signs are perfect solution for high traffic areas where traditional signage needs to be renewed in short periods.

virtual signs

How the safety sign projection works:

Projected signage requires only an image projector (called a gobo projector) and an image (“gobo”) holder.

The gobo, which is placed inside the projector, looks like a slide but is much more resistant. The projector is then installed in a suitable place, for example on the ceiling. The chosen safety message is then projected onto the surface, and is clearly visible even in a well-lit premises.

Why use a Gobo Projector:

Long lasting - no walking wear.

Economic – no need to repaint the signs or repurchase new adhesives.

High visibility - draws more attention.

Easy to change the image - just replace the gobo when you need to project a new sign.



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