TOPTREE | Benefits of Forklift LED Warning Lights


Various industries rely on forklifts on a daily basis in their warehouses, delivery bays and other industrial settings. These machines are quite handy in moving and lifting heavy loads in the workplace. They can also be very dangerous. Employees who work near forklifts can be struck or crushed by them. Pedestrians can also get fatally injured by the load being handled by the forklifts. Application of forklift LED warning lights is recommended to avoid these types of accidents in the workplace.

1. Creates a Visible Border

Forklifts are heavy and have a large turning radius. They can run into employees who are not paying attention. It can also run over the feet of people who are standing too close to the machine. It is very important to ensure that pedestrians stand at a safe distance while a forklift is being operated. This is commonly referred to as creating a “cushion of safety”. Having a projected light on the floor will remind them to stand outside the perimeter and be safe. A safe zone border is the most pragmatic solution to avoid getting crushed by forklifts in operation. The truth is that most pedestrians do not comprehend the danger of the crushing force of a forklift tire. The rear end swing of the industrial forklifts also causes many accidents. Without proper pedestrian training, the workers disregard safety regulations and try to squeeze-by these machines and get seriously hurt.

forklift red safety zone line light

2. Capture Pedestrian Attention Easily

Most of the accidents at the workplace can be attributed to absent-mindedness. LED lights are easily noticeable even while distracted. LED pedestrian safety warning spotlights can be designed to include light beam variations like intense color and large footprint. They can be designed to project arrows on the floor to capture the attention of pedestrians. A flash of light can quickly alert people who are not attentive. Even if they are absorbed in their work, or in their phones people will notice a bright blue light moving in their direction.

3. Highly Durable

Solid state LED lights are very sturdy and are capable of withstanding shock and vibration. This is very important with forklifts as they lack traditional suspension systems. LED lights do not have any fragile components like glass envelopes that is present in fluorescent, incandescent,and metal-halide lighting sources. In addition, they also do not have any filaments that might break leading to failure. So, there is no risk of sustaining damage during transportation. These safety warning spotlights are long-lasting. LED lights have a lifespan of 50000+ hours. So, there is no need to worry about catastrophic failure at critical points. Maintenance and repair overhead can be greatly reduced by installing LED forklift pedestrian safety warning spotlights.

4. Auto-darkening Welding Helmet Friendly

It has been reported that strobe type lights interfere auto-darkening welding helmets. Employees have also complained that strobe lights hinder a persons ability to see due to the fact that they are usually placed at eye level which can obscure employees field of vision. LED lights are directed to the floor and will not affect auto-darkening welding helmets or affect worker field of vision due to the fact that the lights beam is not directed at eye level.

5. No Warm-up Time

Compared to other lighting sources, LED lights use significantly less power. LED units can produce light instantly. There is no downtime in waiting for full output from LED spotlights.

6. Environment-friendly

Forklift LED warning lights are very popular among consumers of green technology. These safety warning lights are safe for the environment. It should be noted that LED lights can be recycled completely. A safety program that includes forklift operator safety training along with the installing forklift LED warning lights can definitely help in reducing accidents and in promoting a safer working environment.



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