The industrial virtual laser line is an excellent alternative to all lines that are traditionally created with traditional methods such as tapes or paint. This is a great choice for all places where due to heavy traffic, floor damage, or other restrictions, the classic solutions are ineffective and quickly disappear. This is a laser system for line projection with multifunctional industrial applications. It is easy to install and adjust, with the capability to adjust the length of the projection line and to adjust the line thickness in advance. It is ideal for industrial applications that require a sufficiently powerful laser to project bright lines over long distances. The TOPTREE laser is perfectly suited for marking any floor surface indoors and outdoors.

Key Features

✅ Projects a high-intensity laser line on any surface

✅ Available projection colors: Red, Green

✅ Projection type: Line

✅ Over 20,000 hours lifetime, continuous operation

✅ Replacement of traditional zones or painted paths

✅ Definition of pedestrian and forklift areas✅ Definition of areas for semi-trailer docks

industrial laser floor markingvirtual laser linsindustrial laser floor marking



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