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Forklift drivers, crane operators, and other team members are already exposed to a high level of noise on a daily basis. The loud sound of machines and industrial engines often drowns the alarm what increases the risk of a serious accident for everyone around.

The use of a warning lamp eliminates the above problem – the strong light beam is easy to see no matter the level of noise.

led crane safety lights

For Pedestrians:

Thanks to the special beam all pedestrians nearby are aware of the load movement. The light is easy to spot making the lamps an effective indicator of the movement of the load. This allows everyone close to the crane to estimate the load’s distance, mass, and dimensions making it easier and safer to move around when the crane is working.

For Operators:

The biggest benefit for the operator is the increased comfort of work. Being able to more accurately assess the exact position of the load makes the whole work of crane operators much easier. Thanks to the safety lights they can worry less about people failing to notice the load and can focus more on their daily duties.


——Prevents pedestrian accidents by alerting pedestrians to overhead crane hook location

——Increases overhead crane operator accuracy

——Highly mobile to ensure precision

——Powerful 24 LED projection

——Available in solid blue or red

——Waterproof, rugged design made to withstand harsh environments

red crane safety spotlightcrane red safety zone system



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