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Virtual Sign LED Gobo Projector Light with Custom Images

* [Lamp beads and body] Integrated OSRAM 100W LED chip, which can provide high brightness; built-in rust-proof aluminum housing and high-strength structure, with a service life of up to 35,000 hours

* [GOBO glass characteristics]High temperature resistant GOBO glass, we provide one color pattern glass for free, multi-color, customized service at extra charge (pls inquiry to customize your free gobo.)

* [HD lens]The optical lens has the same principle as the camera lens, with extremely high light transmission, and can produce ultra high-definition images;

* [Remote Control]: Comes with a remote control to set pattern stationary/rotating for attractive projection. Easy to control light on/off no matter projector installed on ceiling, wall or outdoor.

* [Scenes to be used]Outdoor,Ideal for medium-sized ads, company event and wedding.,Use in store,disco, clubs, hotel, KTV, Christmas, Halloween, weddings, family parties etc.

safety sign projector

projected safety sign

projected exit sign

gobo logo projector

led gobo projector



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