TOPTREE | Who Needs an Overhead Crane Warning Light?


The overhead crane warning light is for companies which have fixed overhead cranes. It is the only light of its kind in the industry. Cranes operate in close proximity to people and in-plant vehicles and can pose a real danger to them if they get too close or if they are unaware of the crane’s presence.

The light kit displays red or blue lines on the floor to notify pedestrians of the safety boundary around an overhead crane while in operation. It also gives crane operators a “frame of reference” regarding the position of the hook & load.

• 9in spotlights with 24 LED focused beams

• Lens covers that turn a spotlight into a line

• IP67 rated for outdoor and indoor usage

• Power: 120 watts – 72 watts

• Voltage: 10 – 48V DC

• Color temperature: 6000k-6500k(white)

• Working Life: 50000 hours




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