TOPTREE | Why Projected Signage Is More Safety?


Projected safety signs are ideal for areas where adhesive decals don’t last. Projected safety signs are visible in any lighting and can be projected on most any surface. As a result, they provide an excellent option for high traffic areas or areas that are subject to moisture.


What's Required?

Setup requires an image projector and an image lens. The lens is placed inside the projector and can be easily changed. The high visibility attracts more attention because it is an active projection.

Benefits of Projected Safety Signs

- Weather and rustproof projector for rough environments

- No moving parts such as fans or motors

- Ideal for dusty and wet industrial environments

- Indoor and outdoor

- Lens sold separately

How to select a gobo projector and lens for safety signage

There are several factors to consider when choosing a projector and lens. These include the following:

1. Desired projection size

2. Projection distance

3. Projection surface

4. Ambient brightness

When selecting a projector and lens, the desired projection size is the most important factor because it greatly affects the required wattage and the projection distance. In bright industrial environments, our projectors typically range in projection size from 3 to 13-feet.




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