Virtual Laser Walkway and Laser Docking System - TOPTREE


Laser line markers cast an intense and straight line on any surface. The laser is safe to look at but not to stare at in a prolonged way.


Due to the intensity of the line generated, these are suitable in brightly lit areas where LED Line Projectors are less effective. In high-performance environments, heavy equipment and machinery operate in close proximity to pedestrians, which has the potential for accidents. It is essential for pedestrian safety that a clearly visible pedestrian walkways, aisles, or lanes be defined to permit safe movement of pedestrians within the facility. Floor tape and paint lines serve an important role in the workplace, but in tough industrial environments, they often require a lot of maintenance.


Like all projected markings, they are effective on any floor surface, as well as water, foam, mud, ice, snow, powder, oil, general traffic film and piled up debris. Laser line markers are also designed and built for a harsh industrial environment and are popular outdoors, particularly for docking lanes and outdoor walkways.




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