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This blue crane light can be installed onto your overhead crane to create an awareness of the movement of the crane and the load it is carrying. It will create a better awareness than buzzers in the work place. It will project a beam onto the ground and will move with the crane head. Pedestrian will see the light movement which will create awareness that there is heavy work going on in their area and they should take caution and move away from the area.

- This Safety System is available in Red or Blue.

- This light comes with 2 applications, Spot Beam or Line Beam.

- The light can travel up to approximately 10m in distance. This system is for warehousing and heavy machine applications. It is also a great idea to install these lights on your mine vehicles to create a boundary zone around the machines.

- It works best when it is not in the direct sunlight. Red will outperform the blue beam but its your choice of colour for your application.

- This product is built for the heavy style industry but can be used in your standard warehousing situation. This is a new level of safety for the construction, mining and fabrication industries.

The awareness of machinery moving to where pedestrian are in the area is a vital safety tool and its amazing how well it works. Audible alert systems have been used for many years now, however they are frequently drowned out by other work in the area or ignored as the staff hear buzzers going all-day. This system is a visual and should not replace the audible alert system. Once installed, there is no maintenance to the lights. If you are wiring this system to a 240v AC power supply, your will need a power volt reducer to DC current.




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