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Industrial hallways and floors need bright and visual lights. The floor markings are needed for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. But traditionally used routing lines can get dull with time. To solve this issue, we bring virtual walkway laser lines that are free from abrasions.

How are these Virtual Walkway Laser Line different?

Let us explain to you some significant features of the virtual projectors for routing lines.

Highly Visible: Laser lights can dim out in outdoors or bright ambiances. Moreover, the length of the walkway also affects the visibility and brightness of the laser line. Virtual Walkway Laser Lines adjust their brightness and visibility according to the ambiance and length of the required line.

Different beam angles: Virtual Laser lines are needed for different lengths of the walkways. The length can be adjusted by the beam angle of the projector. So, projectors for Virtual Walkway Laser Line have different beam angles for different uses.

Laser Safety: As we all know about the harmful effects of lasers, laser safety is another important factor in a virtual projector. Particularly, virtual projectors for laser lines for commercial purposes ensure laser safety as the first option.

Mounted Projector: The projectors for laser lines are mounted on the ceiling and directed towards the floor.

Abrasion-Proof: Unlike traditionally painted routing lines, virtual laser lines are abrasion-proof and last longer.

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