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Projected safety signage is bright, highly visible and does not wear over time. Projected signs can be activated by motion and have the ability to fade, flash or rotate to make sure that they catch the attention of your employees and guests.

projected safety signs.jpg

Where projected signage makes the most sense in your facility:

High traffic areas

Dimly lit areas

Wet, cold, humid or dusty environments

Caution signs for moving cranes and other heavy equipment

Limitless other applications where paint and adhesive products do not last or are not visible enough

What customers appreciate about projected signage:

Improves safety

Minimizes maintenance

Easy to change or move

Better visibility

Easy to install

ROI of a year or less in some cases

Active signage increases awareness

safety sign projector.jpg

How it works:

Simply install the projector and pick the “Gobo” that makes the most sense for your needs. There is a large variety of signs to choose from, or you can even design your own custom Gobo.



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