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Different Types of Forklift Warning Lights

“Red Zone” Side-Mounted Forklift Warning Light. To help keep floor workers safe in poorly lit or outside work areas, the “Red Zone” side-mounted light is a great add-on. It’s ultra-bright LED lighting makes it easy for all workers to spot.

Top-Mounted Warning Flashing Light. This LED light is easy to install and provides bright illumination. It works well in a warehouse, distribution center, dockyard, or other forklift job sites.

Blue Forklift Warning Light. In a well-lit setting, Blue is easier to see than other colors. This makes the Blue LED Warning Light a good choice for indoor and outdoor work areas with good lighting.

Forklift Warning Light Do’s

Use LED lights. LEDs easily capture the attention of other workers. They comply with OSHA regulations. They create a visible safety border between pedestrians and trucks. And they have a long service life.

Install the lights correctly. For maximum safety, install a red spotlight in the front and a blue LED light in the back. Make sure both forklift safety lights are wired so that only one light comes on when the forklift is moving. That way, other workers in the area can tell which way the truck is moving.

Forklift Warning Light Don’ts

Don’t rely solely on warning sounds. Audible warning signals can get lost in noisy warehouses. Also, some operators sometimes turn them off because they are annoying. Combine forklift lighting and sound to maximize safety.

Don’t direct warning lights at pedestrian eye level. This can hinder a worker’s ability to see. It can also interfere with auto-darkening welding helmets. Instead, a direct warning light beams toward the floor. They are still easy to see and don’t disrupt regular vision.

Don’t assume your overhead lighting is enough. Even if your work site is well lit, forklift safety lights are needed. Bright colored and moving lights are vital for alerting workers not paying attention or distracted by their phones.

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