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What is the Crane Spot / Line Light?

The Crane Safety Light System is a 24 LED high powered spot light / line light designed for workplaces where an overhead crane is in operation and provides additional safety for pedestrians by giving a visual warning of the location of the hook/load. It is available in 2 colours (Red, Blue) and can also assist operators by providing a visual reference point directly below the load/hook.

The LED itself can project a spot or a line (the choice is yours) so that a box can be projected around the hook/load for added safety. This is a simple and inexpensive way to enhance site safety for pedestrians working alongside overhead cranes.


——Increased pedestrian safety on-site

——Reduction is site accidents caused by overhead crane

——Increased control for crane operators as they have a visual frame of reference for the load / hook.

crane blue safety lightcrane blue safety zone light



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