How To Select Your Laser Goggles?


You need laser safety glasses in any situation where it is possible that your eyes could be exposed to direct, reflected, or scattered laser radiation. In other words, if there's even a remote chance that your eyes could be exposed to even a scattered reflection of the beam, you need to be wearing laser safety glasses.

Multiple ocular symptoms such as pain, redness, irritation, corneal signs and retinal injury have been reported in patients exposed to laser pointers. Scotoma, photophobia, metamorphopsia, chromatopsia or decreased visual acuity can occur hours after exposure.

Quick tips on how to select the proper protective eyewear:

- Know your laser’s wavelength.

- Determine the protection level needed based on your laser’s output parameters, or look for the recommended Optical Density (OD). This can be found in your laser manual.

- Select a filter whose specifications match the above information. -

- Choose one that offers the highest visibility (VLT).

- Find a frame that’s right for you.



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