Why Should Install Blue Safety Lights On Forklifts? - Toptree


What lights are required on a forklift?

The most common lights on a forklift are headlights and tail lights (or brake lights). When they are configured on a forklift, headlights are located on the front of the forklift and tail lights are located on the rear or back of the forklift.

What is the blue light on the back of a forklift?

That is where the vehicle approach warning light helps prevent dangerous collisions. As the forklift or other vehicle travels, a bright blue light glides across the floor about 15 feet ahead of or behind it (depending on the mounting location), letting pedestrians know that a fork truck is approaching.

Does OSHA require blue lights on forklifts?

The powered industrial truck standard doesn't mention blue, red, or flashing lights; BUT, they may be required under OSHA's General Duty Clause.

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