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Overhead crane lights warn people and vehicles not to walk or drive underneath a suspended load by projecting a light box or “danger zone” on the floor, directly underneath the suspended hook and load.

How does the overhead crane lights work?

Lights ensure the safety of pedestrians by projecting safety lines on the floor. Those lines (displayed in a chosen color) inform all employees nearby about the moving load. When used by the crane operator they help the operator position the crane precisely.

How are the overhead crane lights installed?

The installation process of all lamps is equally straightforward. All you need to do is mount the lamp directly on the crane. The included adjustable mounting bracket up and down, making it easy to position the lamp precisely where you want it.

Why You Should Use Safety Lights?

Discover their main benefits:

-Versatility: the lamp is available in two colors (red, blue) and can be used both indoor and outdoor. Thanks to that it’s easy to adjust it to your company requirements.

-Convenience: the use of lamps makes the work of crane operators much easier and safer and provides them higher control over the load.

-Efficiency: the lamp is an ideal solution especially for crowded areas in any workplace, increasing the safety of your employees around cranes and loading areas.

How does the warning light work on an overhead crane?

Project lines or points of light from an elevator on the floor to help prevent injuries to workers caused by crane hooks and suspended loads. Each light has 24 LEDs that emit a light beam on the floor to warn that there is an aerial crane hook in the area.

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