Toptree Crane Lighting Solutions: Overhead Crane Safety Warning Lights


Have you ever walked through a facility when suddenly a maintenance cart approached from behind without you being aware of it? Have you ever stepped around a blind corner and been startled by a piece of mobile equipment moving toward you? In these years, began installing blue or red spotlights on an overhead crane and other mobile equipment operating within the mill to increase pedestrian awareness.

To increase pedestrians’ awareness of mobile equipment movement, warning spotlights are being manufactured that will broadcast a spot on the floor 15 to 20 feet from the equipment to forewarn pedestrians of their approach. The lights do not take the place of audible alarms, but they provide an additional visual warning that is very direct with respect to the proximity of the hazard.

The Overhead Crane Lights are for companies that have fixed overhead cranes. It is the only light of its kind in the industry. Cranes operate in close proximity to people and in-plant vehicles and can pose a real danger to them if they get too close or if they are unaware of the crane’s presence.

The front light is continuously on when the overhead crane is running, and the rear light is wired to activate when the equipment is placed in reverse. Recognizing the increased safety awareness and potential market, manufacturers are now creating various lights that can project a line on the floor to warn pedestrians of the danger area surrounding mobile equipment (i.e., forklifts, rotating equipment).

Overhead warning lights also make positioning the crane hook and moving objects easier for crane operators, who can use the light as a point of reference for their hook position. Install the lens cover to switch the light beam from a dot to a line. Mounting brackets are adjustable so placement of the warning light is simple and easy. This single overhead warning light projects one dot or line.


Benefits of using LED crane lighting solutions include but are not limited to the following:

1.Improves worker safety due to higher CRI lighting providing better illumination accuracy

2.Provides visual cues for operator

3.Increases productivity

4.Reduces errors

5.Perfect for indoor or outdoor settings

6.Easy to install

crane safety lights



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