TOPTREE | How Much Do You Know About Virtual Line Lasers?


Virtual Line Lasers create an indestructible, eye-safe floor line that eliminates the need for maintenance required by floor tape and paint lines. They are extremely compact and lightweight, IP65+ rated and durable. Our Line Lasers are easy to set up and require little maintenance, so you won't need to worry about replacing or repairing floor tape and floor paint anymore.

Why It’s Worth Choosing Virtual Laser Line?

1.Reliability – the device is weather-resistant. Thanks to that it can be used both indoor and outdoor even during adverse weather conditions without worrying about its functioning.

2.Convenience – the laser-drawn line allows for a comfortable and efficient workplace both for pedestrians and machine operators and ensures their safety at all times.

3.Flexibility – the choice of different colors (red/green), ease of mounting and easy to personalize to the current needs of the company.

laser virtual lines for warehouse

How Does It Work?

Virtual Laser Line is used to display bright lines which in turn can be used to mark roads for either pedestrians or vehicles. It’s a great tool to set paths, corridors, crossings and even platforms and ramps for big machines or trucks.

It’s also an excellent way of alerting employees about danger (by pointing out areas they shouldn’t get close to).

Thanks to its durable components and highly efficient lights, Industrial Virtual Line is a perfect choice for all weather and lighting conditions. Operating continuously guarantees the lines are always visible exactly where they should be.

red laser safety walkway line

warehouse green laser walkways



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