TOPTREE | What Is A Gobo Projector?


Warehouses often use tape, paint, and adhesive safety labels for safety signage, but machinery grease can obscure the paint or labels and everyday wear and tear eventually causes the signs to fade. Poor lighting conditions make it especially hard for workers to see the fading signage. This requires repeated expenditures for repainting or re-marking, and poor signage increases the risk of injury to a worker or visitor. The most effective way to ensure signage is never overlooked is by projecting the image with a gobo projector.


How Do Gobo Projector Systems Work?

The installation, as well as the use are very straightforward. The projectors should be mounted right above the place where we want the warning signs to appear (it’s best to install them on the ceiling or any other place of adequate height). Once that’s done, all you need to do to enjoy all the benefits of industrial virtual warning signs is to turn the projector on.

Why use a Gobo Projector?

1.Long lasting - no walking wear.

2.Economic – no need to repaint the signs or repurchase new adhesives.

3.High visibility - draws more attention.

4.Easy to change the image - just replace the gobo when you need to project a new sign.

The projected image is easy to see, doesn't come off, will not wear out, it can be also turned ON and OFF. You can also change and shift the projected symbols. Such marking is highly visible and attract attention. You can project any indicator, navigation symbols. In shopping centers, airports, railway stations, public or industrial areas, warehouses and factory floors.

It is very important to keep a good warehouse traffic by safety signs.virtual projector sign and traditional safety signage are main options. If your safety signage easily obscured an worn out.And you don’t want to touch up and maintenance frequently,For safety consideration, it is necessary install a virtual sign projector.



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