TOPTREE | Why Should You Install The Forklift Speed Limiter?


Most factories have complex operating environments, intensive personnel, mixed man-vehicle operations, and high mobility. Forklift safety is a topic that every enterprise attaches great importance to.

According to OSHA statistics in the US, 85 to 100 people die from forklift accidents each year in the United States. There are 35,000 serious accidents and 62,000 non-serious accidents each year, causing direct economic losses of about 135 million dollars. According to analysis, overspeed of forklifts is an important cause of accidents.


Therefore, in this case, the forklift speed limiter is essential. One of the major concern for Toptree Company is the speed limit for a Forklift. In this update, will give a brief about how speed limiter increases security measure & enhance productivity.

Improve site safety:

As, forklifts are huge, possibly risky industrial vehicles gauging a large number of loads on daily basis for lifting & cargo. So, pushing them to top speed is dangerous to both operators and pedestrians. Installing forklift speed limiters on forklifts increases safety and reduces cost. As speed limiter forbid operator to drive above the safety limit. Thereby, contributing to workplace safety measures.

Avoiding Negligence:

As the forklift speed limiter controller is designed in such a way that it reduces the speed detecting the threat level leaving no scope for the driver to neglect & increase speed by itself. Thus, it helps in attaining a high level of security at the site.

Speed controlling techniques:

The technology of forklift speed control device design with by default parameters to set a maximum limit & safety limit which will be the threshold for drivers. So ultimately putting an end to fast driving & mishap which might occur due to it.

Guarantee hydraulic function&Lower fuel expenditure:

The forklift speed limiter is designed to stop speeding drivers by limiting the forklift travel speed without affecting the hydraulic lifting power. As there is no loss of power to guarantee the hydraulic function properly. Speed limiter helps in reducing fuel consumption as it controls the speed of forklift and makes sure to stay within the speed limit.

forklift speed limiter

If you’re into the industry where most of the work involves forklift then, Forklift speed limiter is a must for you. Want to get forklift speed limiting device installed at your worksite? Our team will be happy to assist you.



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