TOPTREE | FAQ: Laser Docking System


Toptree laser docking system is the perfect truck and trailer docking assistant for dawn, dusk and nighttime operations when visibility of painted lines low. The laser guide for loading docks is a novelty that helps truck drivers to see the correct route for backing their trucks up to the loading dock. The laser guide improves work efficiency and safety particularly during the dark time of the year, when visibility in the loading areas is poor and painted road-surface markings get buried under snow.

laser docking system laser guides for loading docks

Is the laser beam eye-safe for loading dock workers?

It's Eye Safe – class 3R. The laser beam does not cause retinal damage because a line laser, not a point laser, is used in the laser guide for loading docks.

Is the laser line visible in daylight?

The laser line is visible in daylight. Visibility is best on a cloudy day and in the dark.

Is the laser line visible on snow?

The laser line is visible on snow. Because snow is a porous material, the laser beam penetrates it and is scattered as a visible line.

What colour of laser line is suitable for use as loading dock laser guide?

A green laser is best suited for outdoor use, as the human eye sees the green wavelength (520 nm) up to six times better than the red (660 nm).

Does the laser withstand varying weather conditions?

The laser withstands varying weather conditions because it is protected according to protection Ingress Class IP67. The laser’s optics and electronics are hermetically protected from dirt and moisture. The laser’s structure, designed for industrial use, makes it resistant to vibration and shocks.

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