TOPTREE | Where can Industrial Standard Laser Line Light Be Used?


The virtual laser line is used to display bright lines, which in turn can be used to mark roads, pedestrian areas, or areas for vehicles (forklifts, trucks, excavators, etc.). This is a great tool for creating paths, corridors, crossings, and even platforms and ramps for large machines or trucks.

While tape and paint can do the job, virtual lines don’t fade or wear off over time, providing the safest environment for workers who encounter forklifts, hard hat zones, and other potential dangers.

warehouse painted floor markingwarehouse floor marking tapewarehouse floor marking tape

1. Laser Floor Marking

The industrial virtual laser line is an excellent alternative to all lines that are traditionally created through traditional methods such as tapes or paint. This is a great choice for all sites, for which classic solutions are ineffective and disappear quickly due to heavy traffic, floor damage or other limitations.


Reliability – the device is weatherproof. Because of this, it can be used both indoors and outdoors, even in adverse weather conditions without any worries about its operation.

Convenience – the laser-drawn line creates a comfortable and efficient workplace for both pedestrians and machine operators while ensuring their safety at all times.

Flexibility – a choice between different colors (red, green), ease of customization according to the needs of the company, ease of installation and mounting – a “Plug and Play” laser projector.

laser virtual walkwayslaser floor marking system

2. Laser Docking System

The Laser Docking System is the perfect truck and trailer docking assistant for dawn, dusk and nighttime operations when visibility of painted lines low. These lasers provide the driver with clear, visible indicators to assist in dock approach - thereby reducing docking time, cargo damage, and possible injury to dock handlers.

Laser Guide Beams easily viewed in backup mirrors:

- Center trailers to docks during backups.

- Separates Trailers

- Lasers replace painted lines and tape

- Minimizes damage to trailers and docks

- Faster loading and unloading trailers

green laser docking linegreen laser docking line



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