TOPTREE | The Importance of Crane Warning Lights


The crane spotlight is an effective light that alerts pedestrians on site from any kind of dangerous crane activity. This light can be mounted on any overhead crane. It eliminates the need for you and your workers to switch between two different units when moving loads in and out of your indoor work area.

Improved workplace safety is not the only thing you’re getting with our Overhead Crane Safety Light System, though. It’s also designed to provide your crane operators with visual cues as to the exact position of the load they are moving, eliminating the need for time-consuming (and potentially risky) guesswork.

The 150 degree up/down mounting bracket allows precise positioning of the beam on the floor below. Beam is usually positioned so pedestrians below are aware of the presence of the hook above them. The crane spotlight can be used in a single light configuration, double light configuration (leading and trailing) or quad light configuration.

Crane Safety SpotlightsCrane Safety Spotlights

- This Safety System is available in Red or Blue.

- This light comes with 2 applications, Spot Beam or Line Beam.

- It is also a great idea to install these lights on your mine vehicles to create a boundary zone around the machines.

- It works best when it is not in the direct sunlight.

- This product is built for the heavy style industry but can be used in your standard warehousing situation.

- This is a new level of safety for the construction, mining and fabrication industries.

- This system is a visual and should not replace the audible alert system.

- Visual awareness of the moving light beam on the floor = machine movements.

Crane Red Zone LightsCrane Red Zone Lights



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