TOPTREE | Virtual Safety Sings & Laser Lines


TOPTREE is now offering LED Gobo Projectors and Laser Line Projectors to create virtual floor marking images and virtual lines in your facility. Easy-to-install virtual sign and line projectors are the perfect solution for areas where traditional floor marking does not work.

These tricky locations may include hard-to-reach floor space or an area where heavy traffic makes constant floor marking maintenance necessary – even for the world’s toughest floor signs and floor tape.

Virtual Floor Marking

Here are some ways you can use a virtual line or image projector:

- Use to project a floor sign to inform/remind employees about potential hazards like forklift traffic, restricted area or the need to use PPE.

- Use to increase safety by creating a crosswalk in an area with a mix of heavy pedestrian traffic and mobile equipment.

- Use to project lines for walking paths in a variety of colors.

- Use to project a logo or message to customers in a retail environment, gymnasium or restaurant. Can be temporary, as in for a limited campaign.

These new virtual line/sign options provide a bright, easy-to-see message exactly where you need it. When you no longer need the message to appear, simply turn the projector off or change to a different image.

Using these state-of-the-art projectors is simple. A Gobo projector is best for displaying images. We can offer a standard safety floor sign message or help you create a custom projected message that fits your needs. The Laser projector is best to display a long, solid line.



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