TOPTREE | Blue Forklift Safety Lights vs Red Forklift Safety Lights


Blue and red forklift safety lights are both used as an effective warning system. They both let pedestrians and other forklift drivers know the direction and speed of your forklift’s approach as they shine a bright light on the floor in front of, behind, and along the sides of your forklift.

Blue Forklift Safety Lights Indicate Forward And Backward Motion

Blue forklift safety lights are attached to the rear and/or the front end of your forklifts. They shine an intense, bright blue light on the floor in front of or behind your forklift, depending on where they are mounted.

Depending on the angle and intensity of the beam, the light can shine 10 to 20 feet from your forklift. The light moves along the floor with your forklift, indicating the path that it is taking as well as the speed that it is going.

When you are carrying a large load on your forklift, it is also very difficult to see what is in front of you. A blue safety light installed on the front of your vehicle will warn anyone in front of you that you are coming so they can get out of the way.

forklift blue spotlightforklift blue spotlight

Red Forklift Safety Lights Indicate A Safe Side Distance From Your Forklift

Red forklift safety lights are attached to the sides of your vehicle. They shine an intense, bright red line of light about 2 to 5 feet along either side of your forklift. This distance can be adjusted by angling the light.

This red line, also known as the halo zone, forms a boundary along the sides of your forklift that indicates a safe distance to remain back from your forklift. This red line should not be crossed by pedestrians or other forklifts in order to keep safe.

If an operator doesn't understand or have a good control of their forklift, the rear end of their forklift could swing around and hit a pedestrians or other object.The red safety light shows a pedestrian how far to remain away from a forklift to avoid being hit by a rear end swing.

forklift red zone lightforklift red zone light

Blue And Red Safety Lights Help To Warn Pedestrians

Workers can become so accustomed to the sounds of the forklifts and other noises around them that they no longer listen to the warning signs that they might be in danger.

Pedestrians or workers may also be wearing noise protecting head gear and are, therefore, not even able to hear the sound of an approaching forklift.

In addition, your workers may be looking down at information on their clip board or down at their cell phone.

A bright blue or red light shining and moving on the floor of their path will quickly catch their attention and warn them of impending danger, giving them time to stop or change direction to avoid being hit and injured.

The use of blue and red safety lights have proven to be one of the most effective warning devices to pedestrians that a forklift is approaching.



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