TOPTREE | The Importance of Crane Warning Lights


Moving heavy or bulky loads through aisles or on the floor takes time and can result in injuries, overhead cranes provide a good solution to this. This is because they allow warehouse owners to easily lift, lower or even move loads horizontally.

Modern technology has diversified overhead crane safety systems in order to improve safety of overhead crane equipment as well as production processes in facilities. These safety systems include sirens, horns, buzzers, indicator lights, anti-sway technology, collision avoidance system, remote radio control, brake-slip detection etc.

The most popular of these systems is the crane warning light. Overhead crane warning light can be blue lights or red lights that have been mounted on the hoist of the crane or bridge to directly project on the floor surface. Crane safety light can use LED lights, lasers or both. Most of them are capable of illuminating big areas of up to 15-20 feet.

overhead crane safety warning lightoverhead crane safety warning light

Overhead crane warning lights are normally designed to automatically come on the instant the crane equipment is on and running. This means that the operator does not have to remember to switch them on thus convenient.

There are numerous benefits that are associated with crane warning light, the main ones include the following:

i.The crane safety lights help to significantly reduce both operator error and accidents.

ii.Overhead crane warning light provide additional visual warning to both motorized traffic and pedestrian traffic that happen to be in its immediate vicinity.

iii.Operators use crane warning light as a reference point in positioning the hook and hoist to either position a load or make their picks. Crane warning lights are built into its design to provide all the personnel on the ground with a rough idea of where the hook will be and the crane bridge is directly overhead.

It should be noted that crane warning light does not in any way substitute the work of audible alarms but function to provide additional warning. Therefore, they should work in tandem.

The above insightful information clearly indicates that overhead crane warning light is a system that significantly helps in improving reliability, performance and safety of overhead crane equipment.



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