TOPTREE | What Is Height Limit Clearance Bars?


Keep your height restrictions known by adding a Clearance Bar system to your facility or parking structures.

The Clearance Bars are highly visible horizontal posts that can be hung with chain supports from an existing structure to warn forklift operators, employees, and customers of height restrictions.

- Bright safety yellow color for excellent visibility

- Protect racking, dock doors, interior doors, overhead sprinklers, building structure, and other areas where an elevated lift might strike an object

Clearance Bars

Even the best forktruck operators sometimes forget to lower the load before taking off for the next location. The next thing you know, there's been a collision with an overhead object, crushing the load, possibly flipping a forktruck over and injuring a driver.

Height limiters allow to decrease the damage caused due to raised fork-lift truck masts. They prove useful in places where the access must be limited due to the height of suspended elements, such as fire installations, ventilation and AC ducts.

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Whether you're looking for an overhead height restriction bar for your parking garage, drive-thru window, aisleway, or truck entrance, find the exact Clearance Bar for your needs.



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