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Why you want one?

Did you know that over 90% of crane accidents were as a result of human error, either pedestrian or operator.
The overhead crane safety spotlight is designed to be easy to fit for all overhead crane models and applications. The unit is constructed from heavy die-cast aluminium and is IP67 rated to ensure it is rugged enough to cope with indoor and outdoor applications.
The system is available in 2 configurations , a projected "spot" or a projected "line" dependent upon your requirements and this can be changed easily enough with the lens cover provided.
The unit is available in 3 colours , red, blue or white so you have a choice dependent upon the lighting already in place within the working environment.


  1. Easy to install

  2. High powered 140W

  3. 9-32V DC input

  4. Long life LED's (50,000 hours)

  5. IP67 Rated

  6. Adjustable mounting brackets to alter angle of beam for higher accuracy


  1. Greater control of load by crane operator

  2. Warning light is automatically on when the overhead crane is energized - reducing human error.

  3. Loud audible alarms are sometimes overwhelmed by the sound of the factory - visual spot/line is moving and indicates proximity to hook/load

  4. Reduction in pedestrian accidents

  5. Increased site safety

  6. Many clients use 4 lights with lens cover (standard) creating a "box" or "danger zone" around the hook/load below.


Part: TPN140

Wattage: 140W

Current Draw: 11.6A@12V, 5.8A@24V

Operating Voltage:10-32V

Beam Pattern: Spot/Line

Lens Material: PC

Housing Material: Aluminium Alloy

IP Rating: IP67

Working Temperature: -45-80℃

Mounting Hardware: M10

Bracket Adjustment: 150 degree up/down.

Cable Length: 3 meters (9.84')

Connectivity: cable

Lifetime: 50000 Hours

Approval: CE RoHS

Warranty: 2 Years

Packing: One light in one Individual box, 6PCS in one carton.

G.W.:20KG; Size:54*27.5*48.5cm

NEW Crane Warning Lamp-- Laser Line Light & Virtual Sign Projector:

1. Green & Red Laser Line Light

Industrial Virtual Laser Line

2. Virtual Sign Projector

The Toptree Virtual Sign Projectors are the ideal way to display bright floor and wall safety signs in locations where there is high traffic, potential for a hazard, or uneven floors. The Toptree Virtual Projector uses an image lens and a high-output LED bulb to project a clear sign at distances of up to 70 m (230'). The Toptree Virtual Projectors work well in almost all lighting conditions and are easy to mount and adjust. Once installed, there's virtually no maintenance, and you won't need to worry about replacing damaged signs on your floors or walls.

Logo can be customized.

Warehouse Gobo Projector Lights


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