Docking Safety System for Trucks Trailers - Toptree Dock Laser Line Projector

Docking Safety System for Trucks Trailers - Toptree Dock Laser Line Projector

Dock laser guidance light is the first plug and play industrial laser line striping system with broad application within an Industrial environment. The trailer docking assistance projects a line of light that can help bring a docking truck into safe harbor if it properly deployed. Laser docking lines are made visible during the day providing an easy to see pathway when coming in from a bright environment where a taped or painted line can be difficult to identify.

When a docking virtual laser line projector is mounted exteriorly above the dock on the driver’s side, the laser dock lights can draw an adjustable length of line on the docking concourse to assist in precision dusk till dawn docking. Originally intended for use in northern facilities where outdoor lines are often covered with snow, ice or other obstructions, the laser line projector paints a bright Green or Red Line that can’t be covered up, torn up, or difficult to see in dimly lit environments. Simply put, This laser docking system creates the line of light that brings a docking truck into safe harbor.

When mounted overhead within a manufacturing or warehouse facility, the laser projector light can effectively draw lines on the floor to create pedestrian laser walkways or designate areas that are off limits to pedestrian or forklift traffic. An application which is gaining in popularity is the creation of safe zones on the ground underneath a moving overhead track crane. In this instance these laser safety lights are mounted on the Crane Bridge and parallel the movement of the load providing a brightly moving safety barrier. In fact, new Industrial application of our system of Laser Line projection are constantly being suggested and evaluated; in some instances to simply replace tape and paint.

Significant Applications:

- Virtual laser walkways

- Laser floor marking

- Truck laser docking system

- Marking of parking spaces

- Visualization for exhibits

- Cordoning off dangerous or off-limits areas

Key Features:

- Projects highly visible red or green lines for enhanced visibility during dawn, dusk and nighttime operations

- Eye Safe – IEC class 3R

- Easy to install

- Adjustable mounting bracket allows for easy positioning of the beam on the floor

- Projection Type: Line

- Weather Resistant: IP67

Truck Laser Docking LineTruck Docking System Dock Laser Virtual Line Projector

Frequently asked questions about laser dock lights

Is the laser line visible in daylight?

The laser line is visible in daylight. Visibility is best on a cloudy day and in the dark.

Is the laser line visible on asphalt surface?

The laser line is visible on asphalt surface. Because asphalt is a solid material, the laser beam does not penetrate it but is reflected from the surface.

Is the laser line visible on snow?

The laser line is visible on snow. Because snow is a porous material, the laser beam penetrates it and is scattered as a visible line.

What colour of laser line is suitable for use as loading dock laser guide?

A green laser is best suited for outdoor use, as the human eye sees the green wavelength (520 nm) up to six times better than the red (660 nm).

Does the laser work in snow and rain?

The laser is moisture resistant thanks to its IP67 rating. However, it must be protected from rain because snow and water droplets on the optics will impair laser line visibility.

How long is the laser’s service life?

The laser diode is a semiconductor component that degrades in use. The power used and the operating conditions influence its service life. Line laser diodes typically last thousands of hours in continuous use.

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