Toptree Virtual Walkway Laser Light for Crane Warehouse Workshop

Toptree Virtual Line Walkway & Line Lasers - Warehouse Laser Floor Marking System

The laser line virtual walkways create an indestructible floor line that eliminates the need for maintenance required by floor tape and paint lines. Projects a single beam, high intensity laser line on to any surface to create virtual pedestrian walkways, which can use indoor or outdoor.

These unique laser floor marking system use either a high-intensity, eye-safe laser to project a line to create a virtual walkway onto any surface, indoors or outdoors. Using lightweight, flexible yet IP65+ rated durable units, it is easy to set up and requires little maintenance, so you won't need to worry about replacing or repairing floor tape and floor paint anymore.

Applications of Laser Line Projectors:

- Virtual laser walkways

- Laser floor marking

- Truck laser docking system

- Marking of parking spaces

- Visualization for exhibits

- Cordoning off dangerous or off-limits areas

Virtual laser line lights that meet safety classification 3R, are eye-safe and don’t require any safety equipment. They can project a single line at a time. For walkways longer, you can easily install multiple lasers to create a continual illuminated line across your space.

Our line laser projector come in two colors: green or red. Green is slightly brighter and best for environments with a high amount of ambient light.

Virtual line lasers are also an efficient way to mark designated areas that change often, such as where to place a pallet. The thin lines are good for outlining small spaces where employees should stack boxes, park vehicles, or store equipment.

Key Features:

Modular – Easily reconfigure spaces within your facility without stripping paint or tape

Highly Durable - No wear and tear from foot traffic

Cost Effective - Eliminates the need for repainting or retaping

Ultra Visible - Overcomes complacency by attracting more attention because of a dynamic projection

Smart Triggered - Optional capability to trigger signage using motion sensors, beam break sensors or push button


Dimensions: 205*139.5*84mm (not inluding mounting brackets) Color: RED/GREEN

Voltage: 90-305VAC

Operating Temperature: -10-55℃

Storage Temperature: -40-85℃

Material: Aluminum alloy AL6063 with powder coating

Wavelength: 638nm Weight: 3.4kg

Mounting: Universal brackets up & down 180°, left & right 180° + safety lifting ring

The light brightness and line length are adjustable

Laser Marking Projector

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