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Toptree Pedestrian Safety Damage-proof Virtual Lines Laser Line Projectors

Industrial hallways and floors need bright and visual lights. The floor markings are needed for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. But traditionally used routing lines can get dull with time. To solve this issue, we bring virtual laser lines that are free from abrasions. The laser warning light are used to create laser lines to be used as walkways and aisles or warning zones around machinery to let pedestrians know where they are positioned.

Vivid, damage-proof virtual lines for all surfaces.

Laser floor marking lines are completely impervious to damage by forklifts, foot traffic, pallets, water and other common causes for tapes and painted lines to fail.

Eliminate the need to replace floor tapes or repaint lines.

Even the toughest floor tapes and paints can fail in areas with heavy forklift and truck traffic, or in areas subjected to industrial hazards. Using projected lines prevents these issues from damaging your lines.

Eye-safe laser rating.

Laser Line Projectors feature a eye-safe low-power laser that is designated with an IEC 3R safety rating. Note: Staring into the laser for extended periods of time may still present risk, so use as directed.

Virtually projected laser lines for pedestrian safety and aisle, lane, and dock marking.

- Virtual laser walkways

- Laser floor marking

- Truck laser docking system

- Marking of parking spaces

- Visualization for exhibits

- Cordoning off dangerous or off-limits areas

Key Features:

  • ● Projects highly visible red or green lines for visibility in all lighting conditions ( best results during dawn and dusk)

  • ● Eye Safe

  • ● Easy to install

  • ● Adjustable mounting bracket allows for easy positioning of the beam on the floor

  • ● Projection Type: Line

  • ● Water Resistant: IP68

Virtual Floor Marking Via Laser ProjectorLaser Light Floor Marking System

Why It 's Worth Choosing Virtual Laser Line?

Check out all of its benefits:

Reliability-the device is weather-resistant. Thanks to that it can be used both indoor and outdoor even during adverse weather conditions without

worrying about its functioning.

Convenience-the laser-drawn line allows for a comfortable and efficient project both for pedestrians and machine operators and ensures their

safety at all times.

Flexibility-the choice of different colors (red, green), ease of mounting and the ability to "display" corridors makes the tool easy to personalize to the

current needs of the company.

How Does It Work?

Virtual Laser Line is used to display bright lines which in turn can be used to mark roads for either pedestrians or vehicles. It 's a great tool to set paths,

corridors, crossings and even platforms and ramps for big machines or trucks.

It 's also an excellent way of alerting employees about danger (by pointing out areas they should n't get close to).

Thanks to its durable components and highly efficient lights, Virtual laser line is a perfect choice for all weather and lighting conditions. Operating still

guarantees the lines are always visible exactly where they should be.

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