Virtual Stripe Laser Line Projectors 1200mW GREEN RED For Virtual Floor Marking

Virtual Stripe Laser Line Projectors 1200mW GREEN RED For Virtual Floor Marking

The Virtual Stripe Laser Line on the floor is easy to see pathway when coming in from a bright environment where a taped or painted line can be difficult to identify, and also eliminates the need for contunued maintenance of taped line or painted signs. In addtional, it also can be mounted overhead crane in a manufacturing or warehouse facility, it can effectively draw lines on the floor to create pedestrian walkways or designate areas that are off limits to pedestrian or forklift traffic. Or it also creat a safe zones on the ground around the lifting hook, to provide a brightly moving safety barrier.

It creates the line of light that brings a docking truck into safe harbor.

In fact, new Industrial application of our system of Laser Line projection are constantly being suggested and evaluated. We also look forward to unlocking more application scenarios with customers in near future.


1, The Virtual Stripe Laser Line brightness is adjustable

2, The length of the beam is adjustable: the actual length of the beam under different working sites can be adjusted through the baffle

3, There are two installation methods: U-shaped lifting bracket installation (or with additional universal bracket) and lifting ring installation, which can adapt to different working sites

4. Brasion-proof, bright laser lines, high visibility, for projection of routing lines on floors or industrial hallways. Virtual Stripe Laser Line are a very uniqe kind of high brightness laser modules, and are used in difficult ambients, were a very high visuality is needed. The lasers are mounted to a hall ceiling, and will project downwards.

Function & Benefits

1, The Virtual Stripe Laser Line length at 1m is about 3.2-3.3m

2, It can be controlled by external signals for staying on and off (TTL control)

3, The external input signal can make the light in flashing mode, which can be used for reminding and warning

4, Press the switch button, the power indicator light is on, the power is on

5, Connecting TTL control wires (22AWG red and black wire), the laser is always on

6, Connecting the TTL control wire (22AWG red and black wire) (in the constant ON mode ), connecting the 22AWG yellow-white wires, it will change to flashing mode.


The brightness of the laser line is determined by many factors

  • The longer the line, the lower the brightness, as the light output is distributed across a larger surface area

  • Green is significantly more effective than red or blue

  • The darker and more matte the surface, the dimmer the light appears

  • The brighter the ambient light, the dimmer the laser line appears. This is determined by the human eye, which reduces its sensitivity to suit the level of ambient brightness. In direct sunlight, it is very difficult to even recognise a laser line, as the retina is already saturated.

  • The higher the output of the laser, the brighter the laser line appears


The top priority for the use of line lasers in a commercial setting is laser safety for workers/operators. However, ensuring safety does not generally pose a problem, and is not particularly costly to achieve. Laser safety is something we deal with every day, which also makes us the right ones to contact when it comes to the classification of laser equipment. According to the latest guidelines in EN 60825-1, line lasers are so-called "extended sources" and can be treated more simply than normal bundled sources for point lasers.

You will receive further, detailed information with each delivery of our line laser modules and associated equipment. We are at your disposal and would be happy to advise in this matter.


  • Pay attention to the class of the laser!

  • Laser must be attached to the mount during operation!

  • Visual Management Safety Solutions

  • Why It 's Worth Choosing Virtual Laser Line?

  • Check out all of its benefits:

  • Reliability-the device is weather-resistant. Thanks to that it can be used both indoor and outdoor even during adverse weather conditions without

  • worrying about its functioning.

  • Convenience-the laser-drawn line allows for a comfortable and efficient project both for pedestrians and machine operators and ensures their

  • safety at all times.

  • Flexibility-the choice of different colors (red, green), ease of mounting and the ability to "display" corridors makes the tool easy to personalize

  • to the current needs of the company.

  • How Does It Work?

  • Virtual Laser Line is used to display bright lines which in turn can be used to mark roads for either pedestrians or vehicles. It 's a great tool to set

  • paths, corridors, crossings and even platforms and ramps for big machines or trucks.

  • It 's also an excellent way of alerting employees about danger (by pointing out areas they should n't get close to).

  • Thanks to its durable components and highly efficient lights, Virtual laser line is a perfect choice for all weather and lighting conditions. Operating

  • still guarantees the lines are always visible exactly where they should be.

  • Frequently Asked Questions


  • Yes, this laser is classified as a 3r device and DOES NOT require the use of eye protection or protective skin covering and has been cleared by the

  • FDA for use in the workplace. When used as directed, this laser line projector is perfectly safe.


  • Yes. It functions well inside and outside. With an IP-65 rating, this laser is completely sealed making it free moisture or contamination by particulate

  • matter in the air.


  • GREEN, RED. Green is the most popular color, followed by red.


  • The laser light projector is a plug and play system, and mounting is a breeze.

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