Breathable Mesh Yellow Safety Reflective Vest With Adjustable Side Straps

Breathable Mesh Yellow Safety Reflective Vest With Adjustable Side Straps


The Yellow Safety Reflective Vest is made of a polyester mesh for light weight performance, and it features a sleeveless design, so your range of motion is not affected. Conveniently sized for comfortable use, this vest fits over most clothing, and the easy-to-use hook & loop closure quickly closes to keep the vest neatly in place while in use. Two straps at the sides offer more size adjustments. It can tighten or loosen the vest according to the wearer’s needs.



DURABLE FOR YEARS: Stay visible with this comfortable, bright reflective vest. It is made with breathable polyester mesh fabric that feels light on your back and sturdy in your hands.

FITS ALL - FEATURING UNIQUE ADJUSTABLE SIDE STRAPS : High Visibility Vests are engineered to incorporate multiple sizes in a one-size-fits-most safety vest making it the best safety vest for both men and women.

IDEAL FOR USE IN ALL SEASONS AND WORKING CONDITIONS: This vest is perfect for airport luggage handlers, crossing guards, and those who work outdoors in high-traffic areas where automobiles and work vehicles present potential danger. The bright color helps in all situations, including when cars don't have their lights aimed at you, while the reflective strips greatly increase your visibility when they do.


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